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"Majlis-e-intezamia" was the Mosque name of first municipal body, which came into being in 1907 in the erstwhile Bhopal estate . First city survey was conducted in 1916 after the enactment of Municipal act. Upto 1956 the area under Bhopal Municipal limit was very small , but after that few more surrounding villages were added to it.

The total area under Bhopal municipal limit reached to 71.23 Sq. Kms by 1975.

MunicipalCorporation At present total area under Bhopal municipal corporation is 285 Sq. Kms. Initial constitution of Bhopal Municipality was a 20-member committee, headed by a non -Governmental president.

The Municipal Board was constituted for the first time in 1952 with Shri. Abdul karim Babu Miya as president and Shri. Deendayal as vice-president.

Later on the status of Municipal board was upgraded to municipal council & an IAS officer was appointed as Chief Administrator.

In 1983, Bhopal Municipal Council got the status of Municipal Corporation, with total 56 wards.

After the elections, in which congress got the majority Dr. R.K.Bisaria was elected as the first mayor. 


Chronological Development
Year Total Municipal Area
1975 71.23 Sq.Kms
1999 285 Sq. Kms
Year Total No. of Wards
1983 56
1999 66
Year Population
1881 55,402
1891 70,338
1901 77,023
1911 56,204
1921 45,094
1931 61,037
1941 75,288
1951 1,02,333
1961 2,22,948
1971 3,84,859
1981 6,71,018
1991 10,63,662
2001 14,23,602